Jordan Hobbs

While this bio is grossly inadequate, here are some parts you may care to know…. I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner who has been serving the Rochester community since 2015. My credentials are APRN, CNP, DNP. I received my doctorate in nursing practice from the University of Minnesota in 2015. I hate posers, and I feel like one when I write a “bio” portion of my website.

In my life outside of work, I am a father of a super funny and fun 3 year-old daughter, and a very happy and active 5 month old. My wife and I enjoy loving on our kids and spending time together during the few free moments we have when they are both asleep. I personally enjoy running, watching movies, playing video games, and spending time in advocacy work.

I am very much a typical human being with my own life struggles and flaws that put me in a perfect position to not judge others or suggest to patients that “I know everything.” I also am not the greatest parent, husband, brother, or son. The knowledge/skills I have to provide does not come from flawlessness or even a stellar education, but rather what I have learned from working with people like you.