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Phone: 507-328-0634

Fax: 612-567-4497

E-mail: **

** I care very much about communication with my patients and the community. Due to the high demand (mental healthcare is underfunded/undervalued in the USA), I get more messages per day than it is possible to answer. For that reason, please only use the email if you are an existing patient or trying to get on the waitlist. Providers in the community--case managers, social workers, psychiatrists, teachers, psychologists, etc.; please contact me via my cell phone if possible. If you do not have this number, then you can use this email to ask for it or call the office number.

Address: 1652 Greenview Dr. SW Suite 160, Rochester, MN 55902

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View from Greenview Dr. SW headed south.

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View of sign in front of clinic building on left side of road headed south.

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View of parking lot and entrance in the back of the building.